Bistrotische Ardenne


Klappbare Bistrotische Ardenne
Untergestell: grau hammerschlag lackierte Stahlrohr Ø 32 x 1,2 mm.
Höhe: 74 cm.
Platte: verschiedene Platte verfügbar.

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Zusätzliche Information

Tabletop colour

Antrazit, Fichtenholz, Granite, Marmor Weiß, Metal Brushed, Old Pine, Pizarra, Punti, Vintage, Weiß, Holz

Frame colour

Grey Hammerscale



Tabletop size

115x70cm, 120x60cm, 120x70cm, 60x60cm, 70x70cm, 80x80cm, Ø70cm, Ø80cm, Ø85cm

This sturdy bistro table can accommodate your tabletop of choice. We also stock extra wide frames for larger tabletops. This bistro table will stay level on any terrain, and only takes a minute to fold.

Many of our customers buy frames separately, to use with their own tabletops. In that case, we will of course gladly provide assembly hardware!