Our trolleys are designed to not just protect your products, but to extend their durability. They also make transportation easier and more efficient.

Our trolleys are welded using the latest technology! We also manufacture custom trolleys. All Mebu trolleys are manufactured in-house.

Our trolleys come with:

– Heavy duty castors (swivel and fixed castors)
– Gray mill scale powder coating
– Optional handlebar

 Trolleys for Bar and Bistro Tables

  • Ref. 3402 Transportkar Klein Met Brabant Statafels

    Trolley Bar Tables

  • Ref. 8a02 Transportkar Twente Gevuld

    Trolley Twente

  • Helsinki Transportkar

    Trolley Helsinki

  • Ref. 2202 Transportkar Statafels Times Square Gevuld

    Trolley Times Square

Trolleys for Barrier Posts

  • trolley barrier posts

    Trolley Barrier Posts

Trolleys for Conference Tables

  • trolley conference tables

    Trolley Conference Tables

Trolleys for Exam Tables

  • trolley exam tables

    Trolley Exam Tables

Trolleys for Banquet Tables

  • Ref. 3302 Transportkar Rechthoekig Gevuld Met Drente 220x76cm

    Trolley Rectangular Banquet Tables

  • Ref. 2502 Transportkar Rond Met Duwbeugels Gevuld Met Drente

    Trolley round banquet tables

  • Ref. 3902 Transportkar Soco Met Drente

    Trolley Soco

Trolleys for Bar Stools

  • Ref. 4002 Transportkar Utrecht Gevuld

    Trolley Utrecht

  • Ref. 270265 Transportkar Voor 15 Breda Barkruk Gevuld

    Trolley Breda

  • Ref. 2101 Transportkar Voor 25 Times Square Barkrukken

    Trolley Bar Stool Times Square

  • Ref. 2002 Transportkar Barkruk Hamburg Gevuld

    Trolley Hamburg

Trolleys for Beer Sets

  • Ref. 3302 Transportkar Biersets Gevuld

    Trolley Beer Sets

Trolleys for Foldable Chairs

  • Ref. 2602 Transportkar Cannes Gevuld 2

    Trolley Cannes

  • Ref. 8k02 Transportkar Chicago Gevuld 1

    Trolley Chicago

  • Ref. 3002 Transportkar Cologne Gevuld 2

    Trolley Cologne

Trolleys for Stackable Chairs

  • Ref. 3102 Transportkar Sidney Gevuld

    Trolley Sidney / Hamburg

  • Ref. 8d02 Transportkar Twin Gevuld Met Sol

    Trolley Sol

  • Ref. 8c02 Transportkar Uni Gevuld Met Cross Back

    Trolley Uni

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