Multitable, INOX

Multitafel, INOX

Available in different sizes and with different options.



Mebu stocks the full range of the official MultiTafel, a foldable utility table for the hospitality industry.
It was developed by a caterer with over 40 years of experience who had trouble finding suitable tables for his line of work. The MultiTafel is the perfect solution! It’s available in several versions to suit different user needs. The INOX tabletop ensures proper hygiene. These foldable tables come equipped with a strong lightweight base that folds and unfolds in seconds. Customize your table with a range of accessories designed for optimal usability.

Our high-quality MultiTafels come with a 1mm INOX tabletop and a 2mm aluminum base.

MultiTafels are exceptionally suited to professional indoor and outdoor use, including the catering and hospitality industry. They also make for great buffet, display, and dishwashing tables.