Bar stools

Who says style and comfort are mutually exclusive?

All our bar stools take up minimum storage space and can be efficiently transported. They come in a variety of styles, which means there’s always one to match your current collection.

Bar Stools

  • barstools

    Barstool Nevada

  • hamburg mini

    Hamburg Mini

  • ref. brbk13 barkruk brooklyn velours beige

    Bar Stool Brooklyn

  • Ref. 410076ts Times Square Barkruk

    Bar Stool Times Square

  • Placeholder

    Wire Bar Stool

  • Dsc 0576

    Bar Stool Hamburg

  • Ref. 440277 Barkruk Breda

    Bar Stool Breda

  • Ref. 430277 Barkruk Utrecht Grijs Hamerslag Met Zwarte Zitting

    Bar Stool Utrecht


All our bar stools are stackable or foldable. We have grey hammerscale coated trolleys with heavy duty castors to transport them easily.

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