Bar Tables: stackable, foldable, professional.

We are the largest bar table manufacturer in Europe:

– In-house manufacturing, extensive stock
– Fast shipping to your company or the end user
– Parts available separately
– No MOQ: available per unit/pallet/container

  • Ref. 030217 Ardenne Statafel Grijs Hamerslag Voetsteun Sevelit Graniet 85cm

    Bar Table Ardenne

  • Ref. 450802 Statafel Blow Mold

    Bar Table Blow Mold

  • Ref. 016161 Brabant Statafel Beige Sevelit Old Pine 85cm

    Bar Table Brabant

  • Ref. 100142 Hamburg Statafel Zwart Hout 60x60

    Bar Table Hamburg

  • Ref. 051445 Helsinki Statafel Rvs Hout 70x70

    Bar Table Helsinki

  • Ref. 060032 Limburg Statafel Wit Mlit Wit 80cm

    Bar Table Limburg

  • Ref. 070145 Times Square Statafel Zwart Hout 70x70

    Bar Table Times Square

  • Ref. 0902i1 Twente Statafel Sevelit Vintage 80x80cm

    Bar Table Twente


Bar tables are the ideal choice for mixers, dinners and parties:

– They are easy to set up and store
– The tables are designed to encourage mingling
– Can be adapted for any event or look
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– The Sevelit tabletops are UV- and water-resistant.  Easy to clean and protected against heat and scratches.

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